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Case Study

Tesco Bank

Credit Card, Contactless Migration.




The Assignment



Consulting Smart was engaged to run the Migration of the MasterCard Credit Card portfolio onto M/Chip DI plastics. This project had already had 2 false starts in 2011 and again in 2013 both were halted due to the lack of contactless expertise; we were chosen because of our specialist knowledge and experience in the area.

Transport for London - Oyster Card

Our Involvement

Our Principle Contactless Technology Consultant took on the responsibility of Programme Director and Senior Product Manager for the first 2 phases with a view to the potential handover to a permanent employee.




Our Approach

Our consultant began with a gap analysis of the previous aborted programmes and conducted stakeholder interviews with those still at the bank. Then the HLBN catalogue was set up and validated it with the business and MasterCard, who had provided 100% of the programme costs.

The consultant then set up the project team and workstreams to further develop the HLBN into a comprehensive BRD and delivered the new contactless card issuance process along with a hybrid migration of forced and organic issuance to achieve a full contactless portfolio within 2.5 years. The consultant also made good use of his contacts in Mass Transit with Visa and ensured early adoption of cEMV on TfL.



Our Clients Results

The senior management team were pleased that their corporate goal had been achieved on time and within budget. MasterCard successfully converted their only remaining non-contactless client. Cash-to-plastic spending conversion resulted in an increase of 14% in the first year and as a result had a positive effect on the credit card portfolio’s profitability. A big factor in the uplift was mass transit.




Skills & Experience Used

  • · Gap analysis
  • · Commercial awareness
  • · Stakeholder Management
  • · Thought leadership
  • · Intelligence gathering
  • · Industry expertise
  • · Project Management
  • · Collaboration and Negotiation
  • · Vendor Management


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