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Case Study

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Citizens Smartcard Scheme Migration, Business Case.

The Assignment



Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead already had a very successful card scheme with over 100k cards in circulation and services ranging from Libraries, Leisure discounts and some concessionary travel.

The issue that they faced was that to enable new public services and commercial service providers to also use the card scheme as a delivery mechanism the existing card technology of Barcode and Magnetic Stripe had to be reviewed and enhanced.



Transport for London - Oyster Card

Our Involvement

A Consulting Smart consultant was engaged via the National Smartcard Project to deliver a business case for the use of smartcard technology, and to develop a benefits realisation roadmap.



Our Approach

Several meetings with council members were arranged and the council’s aspirations for the card scheme were documented and prioritised. This was then used as a guide for the road map. The existing scheme was analysed and used as the base case. The cost of migrating the existing scheme to one with a hybrid card with Barcode, Magnetic Stripe and Smart Chip technology was identified including the upgrade or replacement of the existing line of business systems.

Several options were investigated from maximum technology enablement to minimal capital investment. The three options that best suited the council’s aspirations, needs and functional requirements were presented to the Leader and senior stakeholders.


Our Clients Results

The council was very impressed by the innovative solutions presented and the level of detail in the final document and presentation. The decision was that due to the cost of such a scheme was at that time prohibitive to a single authority careful consideration of option 3 “Collaboration with neighbouring authorities” was required.

The council was very pleased that this body of work had been undertaken so diligently and that it prevented them from investing thousands of taxpayers pounds on what would have been a very expensive pilot project.



Skills & Experience Used

  • · Strategic analysis
  • · Detailed analysis
  • · Systems analysis
  • · Program Management
  • · Project Planning
  • · Stakeholder Management


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