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Case Study

Premier Inn

Optimisation of eCom payments.

The Assignment



Premier Inn was experiencing inefficiencies and errors in the process of taking payments through the website. This situation caused customer-impacting issues and that reflected in the increased level of customer concern.

Transport for London - Oyster Card

Our Involvement

Our payments consultant was asked to review the current end-to-end process and make recommendations for resolving the specific issue and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the eCom payments acceptance process.



Our Approach

The consultant requested a BA to support the process and then conducted interviews with both internal and external stakeholders including the provider of payments processing and the acquirer. He then made a full review of the end-to-end process, documented the findings and presented the recommendations to the senior leadership team.

Our Clients Results

The client was able to rectify issues that potentially impacted PCI compliance, fix the original issue and improve customer satisfaction. The cost reduction in the handling of customer concerns was £12k per week and the potential penalty for non-compliance of PCI would have been possibly £1m which was avoided.


Skills & Experience Used

  • · Commercial awareness
  • · Strategic Leadership
  • · Business Analysis
  • · Thought leadership
  • · Mentoring
  • · Stakeholder Management


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