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Case Study

Post Office

Design and Develop of PrePaid Card Product and Service Wrapper.

The Assignment



The Post Office card account (POca) was the method that the DWP used to deliver pensions and benefits to the un/underbanked. POca had very limited capabilities and was a very cost-intensive method for dispersing benefits. So, it was decided to conduct a review to identify how it could evolve to better serve POca customers but primarily deliver cost efficiencies for DWP and the Post Office.

Transport for London - Oyster Card

Our Involvement

We assigned a Senior Payments Consultant to direct a small team of contractors and some interns to lead the initiative from ideation through to concept and product definition.



Our Approach

First, our consultant analysed the existing solution including conducting customer interviews to understand how POca was perceived and how it might satisfy customers’ other needs. Following the customer/market research, a full analysis of the vendor ecosystem was conducted to identify potential providers of features to fund the product and deliver customer benefits and the card solution.

Then after creating a set of personas and agreeing on all the key hypotheses, our Consultant created the “Payment Exception Service” product proposition of a sponsored prepaid card with features that enabled financial inclusion and delivered a path to a positive credit rating for POca customers.



Our Clients Results

Both DWP and Post office we very excited about the new product proposal and began work immediately on procurement for the card solution and engaged with the various vendors. The “Payment Exception Service” is not in full adoption and made undisclosed savings for DWP into the £millions. The product proposal was nominated for the Chairman’s Award.




Skills & Experience Used

  • · Strategic & Market analysis
  • · Commercial awareness
  • · C-Level Stakeholder Management
  • · Thought leadership
  • · Intelligence gathering
  • · Industry expertise
  • · Vendor Management
  • · Specification development
  • · Product Proposition creation
  • · Procurement (RFP) creation


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