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Toll Collection with Emovis Tag and EMV Card Payments.

The Assignment



Abertis hired our consultant to implement their Emovis VIA-T tag across all toll roads in Spain in partnership with Autopistas. The second workstream was to include EMV card acceptance. The toll booths already accepted EMV cards but the existing solution was not fully integrated with Autopistas’ back office.
The goal was to streamline toll collection operations and improve the overall driving experience for motorists.

Transport for London - Oyster Card

Our Involvement

Our consultant worked closely with Abertis, Autopistas and other stakeholders/vendors, to develop a detailed implementation plan. This included conducting stakeholder consultations, coordinating with IT teams for system integration, and overseeing the installation of tag readers and card readers at toll plazas.



Our Approach

Our consultant took a systematic approach to the implementation, ensuring that all toll roads were equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support the Emovis VIA-T tag and accept Chip & PIN and contactless card payments. This included training toll booth operators on how to use the new system and educating motorists on the benefits of using the tag.

Our Clients Results

The project for the Emovis VIA-T tag and re-engineered EMV card acceptance went live on all Spanish toll roads on June 1, 2021. Since the implementation, motorists have experienced faster and more convenient toll collection, resulting in reduced travel times and improved traffic flow. Autopistas has also seen significant cost savings and increased revenue due to the efficiency of the new system.

20% reduction in toll collection time
15% increase in overall revenue for Autopistas
90% customer satisfaction rate with the Emovis VIA-T tag
95% customer satisfaction rate with contactless payments


Skills & Experience Used

  • Project/Programme Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Thought leadership
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Industry expertise
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation


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