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Case Study

LONDON Borough of Newham

Edge ICT for Young People

The Assignment



Our client, a large London authority, had successfully bid for substantial government funding to implement a UK Online project to bring ICT to young people in a deprived London borough. The scheme aim was to engage with young people through the Youth Service to offer routes to employment through IT training and use in this severely economically deprived area.

The scheme had to provide state of the art IT classrooms in three fixed locations, digital music studios in 2 locations and a mobile classroom setup in a bus.

Our Involvement

A Consulting Smart Consultant was appointed as Project Manager for the project with responsibility of securing resource, technology and real estate to ensure thet the project could be delivered in time for a Royal visit.


Our Approach

Three classrooms in old youth service buildings were secured and equipped with networks and broadband internet connection, servers, PCs, scanners, printers, interactive and networked whiteboards, and digital music studios with electric pianos.

An old library bus was turned into a mobile learning hub, with a powerful satellite internet connection, 17 laptops with internet access, a 30” screen, projector and an interactive whiteboard. The range of the wireless internet connection was approximately 50 metres which enabled the bus to be parked next to youth clubs without internet connectivity, and for the laptops to be taken inside when appropriate and still connected.


Our Clients Results

The royal visit took place and the Project Manager, and a Consulting Smart Consultant was commended by Princess Michael of Kent for “exceptional work for the community”


Skills & Experience Used

  • Bid management
  • Business Analysis
  • Solution definition and sourcing
  • Procurement – GCAT and OJEU
  • Project management



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