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Case Study

Cabo Roig

Wearable Swimming Pool Access Control System

The Assignment



A Vice President of a community on an urbanisation in Cabo Roig, Alicante, Spain was presented with a problem when the supplier, who was a distributor and installer of the electronic access control for the community swimming pool, was liquidated.

The Vice President was unable to replace faulty electronic key fobs or issue new ones. As more and more key fobs failed over time the inconvenience of having to leave the pool open to all became more serious when safety and security was taken into consideration.



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Our Involvement

The Vice President asked Consulting Smart Ltd to assist in resolving the issue by approaching the manufacturer of the access control system and sourcing replacement key fobs.

Our Approach

We approached the manufacturer for replacement keys and were advised that they only supplied to registered distributors who were issued unique distributor numbers to which each system was registered. As we were not the authorised distributor we would not be able to purchase key fobs that would work with the installed system. They did however confirm that the registration in question had lapsed and offered to sell it to Consulting Smart Ltd for €20’000……we declined.

We then priced up a complete replacement system at a fraction of that cost with the added feature of key management software to enable the community to revoke access by disabling individual key fobs.

We also highlighted to the Vice President a provincial judgment that was found in favour of a community that had withdrawn access to the pool for a property owner that had fallen into arrears with their community fees. The Judge found that as it was written into the Community Statutes the community had acted lawfully.

As recommended our client voted on the inclusion of this term into the Community Statutes which was passed unanimously.


Our Clients Results

Our client now effectively manages pool access and has the capability to temporarily disable key fobs without actually having the fob in their possession. As a result, they have seen the:-

  • Arrears fall,
  • Cash flow increase,
  • Witnessed better social behaviour at all times in all areas of the community

Whilst the fobs are no more expensive than the previous version, around €5.00, due to the high number of lost fobs previously the community charged a €50 refundable deposit for each fob. This is also included in the Community Statutes and is to cover the cost of replacement and administrative costs.

The community now sees the benefit of the waterproof wristbands and is considering offering them to owners as an option with a lower deposit as they are less likely to be lost or damaged by water.



Skills & Experience Used

  • · Strategic analysis
  • · Gap analysis
  • · Systems analysis
  • · Commercial awareness
  • · Process and Business Analysis
  • · Stakeholder Management
  • · Thought leadership
  • · Intelligence gathering
  • · Industry expertise
  • · Political awareness


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