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Case Study

American Express

Design and Implementation of Proprietary Digital Wallet.




The Assignment



Leading on from the very successful implementation of American Express, Mobile Contactless Payments (NFC) capability for inclusion in the Isis Wallet in the US, Consulting Smart Ltd was appointed by American Express, Innovative Payment Solutions Division to provide Management Consultancy and Program Management for the first steps towards commercialisation of NFC Payment, the Digital Wallet





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Our Involvement

Our Principle Mobile Payments & Commerce Consultant was tasked with producing a project plan for the implementation of a Digital Wallet and a strategic roadmap for the rollout of associated payment services via that wallet.




Our Approach

Our Principle Mobile Payments & Commerce Consultant conducted a review of all the client’s “aspirational” services for the wallet and existing capabilities. He then walked leadership through a developmental path for implementation and incremental upgrading of the wallet to the desired “Point of Arrival”. This strategy, which took the Digital Wallet through several versions, considered all commercial elements including market readiness, technical capabilities roadmap, Invest to Grow, budget and industry evolution.

Once the Strategic Roadmap for the rollout of the Digital Wallet was agreed our Principle Mobile Payments & Commerce Consultant then assembled a core project team, created the Governance and Workstream Structure and initiated the project. As part of this assignment, Our Principle Mobile Payments & Commerce Consultant also initiated a process of knowledge transfer to enable the client to project manage the implementation of the planned future versions of the Digital Wallet.

Our Clients Results

The Strategic Roadmap was very well received, the first phase of the project to develop a Digital Wallet was implemented and Knowledge Transfer to the client side Project Team was completed all to the satisfaction of the client. Principle Mobile Payments & Commerce Consultant remains part of the Steering Board for the Digital Wallet.




Skills & Experience Used

  • · Strategic & Market analysis
  • · Commercial awareness
  • · Stakeholder Management
  • · Thought leadership
  • · Intelligence gathering
  • · Industry expertise
  • · Project Management
  • · Requirements Gathering


“Consulting Smart were a critical asset to delivery for the foundational development and integration of Amex technologies to deploy NFC including the very first American Express payment applet and payment network specification. Steve Beecroft of Consulting Smart Ltd led the network, applet and specification development programme end to end and he and his team were the key driver in our success.”



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